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We define “Entrepreneur” as anyone who tries to make a positive change in the world around him/her.

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What does it take to make Kerala truly God’s Own Country in all respects?

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Top Ideas on Kerala Forward


Our youth needs to break free from the clutches of drug and alchohol addiction if Kerala has to make leaps as a state in any field.

Yousuf Ali

Like the Cochin International Airport, we need more infrastructure projects in Private Public Partnership model to make sure development happens faster and in an agile way.

Joy Alukkas

Qualities like sustainable living practices,maintaining a positive outlook, humility and respecting elders should be imparted to our kids, right from Kindergarden to College as a part of their curriculum.

C J George

Kerala will grow at a faster rate compared to all other states if we invest more in infrastructure and maintaining law and order.

Jose Thomas

Ministers and MLAs should reduce the amount of time they spend on inaugurations and media appearances, and charge private parties for attending inaugurations.The funds thus collected can go to the exchequer.

Rekha Babu

Kerala should emphasize more on Ayurvedic curative care and promote curative travel to the state.

Sanjay Vijayakumar

With continued support from our government, Startup Village’s dream of a silicon coast in Kerala can come true.

S Gopakumar

Kerala is blessed with a good network of waterways and backwaters which can be effectively utilized for cargo transportation, thus relieving our choked roads.

Kurian Abraham

Instead of waiting for others and the government to change the systems, each one should take initiative and contribute his/her share for Kerala’s development.